Die So Fluid – The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime

By on 12 May 2010


‘The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime’

DR2 / Demolition / Global Music

Die So Fluid return with this gothic masterpiece, taking pinches of punk, lumps of gothic atmosphere and a full metal onslaught, they succeed in creating a unique twist to gothic metal. Hailing from London, this trio power force delivers a mind blowing performance that only Siousxie & the Banshees maybe likened to and one that they may envy. It is clear Die So Fluid have those sorts of influences, the old school Goth bands but added fresh meat to their arsenal of influences, such as Lacuna Coil and some sort of Korn influence, just the darker version. Perhaps the album title is saying you can’t visit everywhere in your lifetime, which seems true. Nonetheless, an album to be proud of and for any Goth rock/metal fan.

[6] Rhys Stevenson

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