Listen to new track by King of Asgard ‘Death… and a New Sun’

By on 16 February 2017

This new track by King of Asgard ‘Death… and a New Sun’ is taken from the band’s new album ‘:taudr:’ out March 17 on Trollmusic. You can buy ‘:taudr:’ here.

King of Asgard are back – and there’s no doubt about it, something Norse this way comes! Today, we’re premiering a track – ‘Death…and a New Sun’ – from their upcoming album :taudr: which is out next month, and features, according to bassist, Jonas Albrektsson, “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something stolen”.

Having started out as a melodic death metal band many moons ago, the melody remains but the death metal has given way to a musical direction that leans more towards the blackened end of extremity. The layers of melody and instrumental nuance mean King of Asgard have something a little special to bring to the table.

The track is a very typical King of Asgard number…well, as typical as you can get when your compositions are a melting pot of blackened metal, lush choral vocal parts, Nordic folk, and bucketloads of melody. The track also features guest musicians, as Jonas elaborates on: “First out in the intro which is performed on Hurdy-Gurdy by Mikael Lindström and a Völuspá speech by Eldar ‘Vikingskog’. So, all in all not much more to mention but letting you delve together with us into the dark past of the Norse. A song we’re extremely proud of to present to thee, containing three languages, solos, guests and classic King of Asgard crafts etc. within six minutes. Lean back and hark… and with this fresh in mind, beware of : t a u d r :”

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