Listen To Slabdragger’s New Song ‘Mercenary Blues’

By on 21 January 2016


It’s been five long, hard years, but London doom trio Slabdragger have finally finished ‘Rise Of The Dawncrusher’, the crushing follow-up to ‘Regress’. It’s not out for another month, but if you just can’t wait that long, then Terrorizer is proud to present the hulking opener ‘Mercenary Blues’, right here, right now…

It was back in 2011 that these guys dragged their first slab of sonic goodness out of guitarist/vocalist Sam Thredder’s own Cro’s Nest Studio, and in that time, it’s come to be seen as something of a modern day classic amongst the more discerning devotees of slow ‘n’ low sonic filth. After releasing a rather tasty split with Meadows the following year, Slabdragger have been biding their time and cultivating some of the finest, most potent riffs for that long awaited second full-length.

‘Mercenary Blues’ will sound familiar if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live recently, but as we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s great to finally have such a good recording of this song – especially as it’s a solid gold banger. Careening through more top tier riffs in twelve minutes than most stoner/doom acts will manage to write in their entire lives and with bassist/vocalist Yusuf Tary’s soaring clean vocals sounding better than ever, it’s a real show-stopper of an album opener. Rest assured the rest of the record is just as juicy, but for now, get stuck into this succulent slab below…

‘Rise Of The Dawncrusher’ is due to be released on February 26th via Holy Roar, and is available to pre-order here

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