Devin Townsend: “I found out about playing Damnation Festival on Twitter”

By on 19 October 2011

Devin Townsend has spoken about Damnation Festival, Godflesh, Decapitated and finding out he was playing the festival on Twitter.

Currently gracing the cover of this month’s Terrorizer, Devin Townsend has talked to Terrorizer about his forthcoming headlining appearance at Damnation Festival.

“I found out about it from someone on Twitter – ‘apparently you’re playing Damnation’, they said! It’s an honour to be [playing] over Ulver, Godflesh and Decapitated and all these bands that are just SO GOOD. I’m immense fans of them. Without Godflesh I just wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. On [Devin’s 2003 album] ‘Accelerated Evolution’ there’s a song called ‘Dead Head’ and there’s also a song on [2001’s] ‘Terria’ called ‘Tiny Tears’ both taken straight from ‘Streetcleaner’, title-wise. I’ve got so much respect for what Justin [Broadrick]’s done, not only with Godflesh, Jesu and Techno Animal, just as a dude, he’s awesome. So there’s a part of me that’s a little… not gun-shy cos I’ll perform like a banana whatever the situation is, but to be headlining that thing over such an amazing and influential band evokes a sort of a contradiction of feelings in me.

“But beside the honour that it is to play with these bands that I’ve loved for so long, it’s great! I’m stoked! It’s a wicked metal festival, I can’t wait.”

Us neither, Devin.

Devin headline’s the festival in Leeds on November 5. Read more about Devin in this month’s issue.


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