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By on 5 March 2013


“This time it’s war…I mean, competition time”.

We all love Aliens, right?  And what’s better than being a double-hard bastard and killing xenomorphs by the dozen with an increasingly impressive array of weapons?  Nothing, that’s what.

IMG_1646Those kindly folk at Sega have given us the Aliens: Colonial Marines collector’s edition game for PS3, as well as an Aliens iPhone 4/4s compatible cover and set of dogtags for one lucky Terrorizer reader.

To enter, simple email with ‘Aliens’ as the subject, your name, address, telephone number and the correct answer to the following question:

Which of these is not a quote from ‘Aliens’?

a)  Drake, we are leaving!

b) Get away from her, you bitch!

c) I say Hicks old bean, those ghastly chaps with acid for blood are a frightful bore.


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