Wilt stream ‘Moving Monoliths’

By on 18 November 2015

Wilt stream ‘Moving Monoliths’ in full.

‘Moving Monoliths is the band’s debut record since its self-titled release in 2012. Wilt has been laboring over this album for the past 2-3 years to bring you an emotive and dark atmospheric black metal experience. Located in central Canada, the cold and harsh climates are integrated into the sound . It is clearly evidenced on the 2012 MLP. The bitter climate is heard on the follow-up as well, however, emotional suffering is highlighted theme. Wilt wanted to create a record that was both human and emotional. Summoning pain, anger, acceptance and solace carried by heavy atmosphere and doom. Listen below and get enraptured by ‘Moving Monoliths’ Produced by Brett Goodchild (Guitarist of the band) and Mastered by Dan Lowndes (Cruiciamentum, pallbearer and more).  The album art was created by Nick Keller (Black Dahlia murder, Heresiarch, Disentomb, The Hobbit and more).  Listen below and get enraptured by ‘Moving Monoliths’

Wilt are:

Jordan Dorge – vocals
Brett Goodchild – Guitar
Jay Edwards – Guitar
Mike Lewis – Bass
Blair Garraway – Drums

Moving Monoliths’ is available here from 27 November and released on Bindrune Recordings.

Wilt 600

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