STREAM: The new Dragged Into Sunlight album ‘Widowmaker’

By on 26 October 2012

Terrorizer is streaming the new album ‘Widowmaker’ by Dragged Into Sunlight – hear the record and read excerpts from our review…

Here’s what Kevin Stewart-Panko makes of ‘Widowmaker’, in his Album of the Month review in Terrorizer 229:

Three Movements: Sit, Soak, Absorb

‘Widowmaker’ is a single track broken into three movements. As an ironic side-note, if you ever doubted Dragged Into Sunlight doesn’t have a hate-on for humanity, think about the band recording a 40-minute piece that makes people sit, soak and absorb in this day and age; an age of listeners with microscopic attention spans craving for immediate musical gratification.

Part I

‘Part I’ starts off slow as shit. The spacious pasting of the harrowing chord progression has a western twang to it, but is almost too sparse and slow-burning for those of us who just want shit to get to its hateful point. The creeping addition of a sawing violin and the delay/reverb wash contributes to an increased sense of eeriness but, this portion of the piece could have been sliced in a half with the same impact.

Part II

‘Part II’ is the meat of the body. It’s all sludgy and grimy sounding with Eyehategod riffing clashing with Godflesh’s lack of warmth as black metal screeching and spoken-word samples create a disturbing atmosphere. The repetitive riff that drives the section’s closing is powerfully dense and spits ‘Through Silver And Blood’ tribal hypnosis at its most apocalyptic and lethal simply because it’s a catchy ear-grabber with enough of a NWOBHM tinge to the guitar sequence to make it like the ultimate death-like bait-and-switch.

Part III

‘Part III’ is a combination of the two preceding sections and is the metaphorical equivalent of someone running through your neighbourhood, screaming that the tallest building on the block is collapsing under its own shoddy construction. Instead of running for cover, you find yourself drawn to witnessing the destruction and decay first-hand.

Primitive and Raw

Dragged Into Sunlight tap into something primal and raw. It’s hate done with a smile on the faces of the sadistic purveyors and that’s the most dangerous kind of hater: the ones who truly enjoy what they’re doing.

You can follow the band on Facebook and preorder the album on CD and vinyl with Prosthetic Records.

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