Terrorizer 232 out now – it’s Orange Goblin!

By on 21 January 2013

The new Terrorizer is available here as an old-school physical magazine, or as a bright, shiny digital download here.

In this month’s Terrorizer, following on from their resounding success in the 2012 Reader Polls, we have cover stars Orange Goblin who are on the cover of a UK magazine for the first time ever and features on The Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell, Voivod, Vreid, The Bronx, Tomahawk, Suffocation, Voices, Ancient VVisdom, Cult of Luna, The Faceless, Feed the Rhino, Enforcer, Koldbrann and Audrey Horne. We introduce you Ghoul, Tengger Cavalry, 96, Chapel of Disease, Maveth and more, and review all the month’s releases you need to know about.

You can get this month’s Terrorizer here as a physical magazine, or as a digital download here.

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