Satan stream ‘Life Sentence’ exclusively with Terrorizer

By on 25 April 2013


NWOBHM legends Satan are streaming their new album ‘Life Sentence’ exclusively with Terrorizer.

The long awaited follow up to 1983’s ‘Court In The Act’, featuring the classic lineup of Brian Ross (vocals), Steve Ramsey (guitar), Russ Tippins (guitar), Sean Taylor (drums) and Graeme English (bass), ‘Life Sentence’ is due for release via Listenable on 29 April 2013 (Europe) and 21 May 2013 (US).

In Terrorizer 235, Brian Ross reflects on making ‘Life Sentence’ and you can read an exclusive snippet from that interview below: “To recapture that feeling was a great thing and what we wanted to do and I said to them, ‘Rather than just do a new album why don’t we try and get our heads into the way we would have been in 1984 and had we stayed together, the songs that we would’ve written, the songs that we would’ve put together to follow ‘Court In The Act’ is the album that I think we should write now’, and they all agreed and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Terrorizer special, ‘The Devil’s Music’, due out in May, to read Brian’s take on the 1980’s Satanic panic as well as an oral history recollecting the early days of Satan.

Check out Satan on Facebook and pre-order the album from Listenable right here.

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