Northern Oak’s ‘Of Roots And Flesh’: Album Review & Stream

By on 29 September 2014


Sheffield’s sharply dressed progressive folk metal troupe Northern Oak will release their new album ‘Of Roots And Flesh’ this Saturday, but you can read our review and stream the entire thing right here, exclusively with Terrorizer…

‘Of Roots And Flesh’

Smashing their funding target through a Kickstarter drive, the faith of pledging fans was well placed and their money well spent when it comes to this resulting third instalment of blackened prog from the Steel City metallers. A sonic medieval re-enactment, ‘Of Roots…’ chronicles the formative battles and mythology of our land and beyond. Despite a band and album name that carries the essence of their home, their woodwind approach to progressiveness – the flute will undoubtedly a bit much for some – betrays their Sheffield origins, often sharing a sound with Ireland’s unapologetically genre-bending Celtic metal. Whatever influence they might be under, with haunting retrospection, metallic urgency and Zeppelin-esque mysticism, this is a somewhat enchanting package.


You can find Northern Oak on Facebook.

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