Myrkur’s ‘Myrkur’ – Exclusive Full Album Stream And Review

By on 10 September 2014


Danish one-woman-black-metal project Myrkur’s self-titled debut has been causing a storm recently, but is it actually any good? Find out by reading our review and then delving into our exclusive full album stream to hear for yourself…

You don’t often come across a black metal record that incorporates an atmosphere that can only be described as angelic into an overall landscape of spectral melody and loss, but then you don’t often come across one-woman Danish black metal bands either. Myrkur’s self-titled debut channels those same paganistic and nature-inspired energies that defined Ulver’s ‘Bergtatt’, but applies them to a musical backdrop more haunting than folkish. It works brilliantly, with soaring choral vocals flowing over the meditative, melodic tremolos to produce a sound both poignant and aggressive. Unfortunately for an album with such fluidity it comes to an end rather quickly; let’s hear a full(er)-length soon!

‘Myrkur’ is out now on Relapse Records

You can Myrkur on Facebook

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