Listen to the new album by Formicarius ‘Black Mass Ritual’

By on 14 July 2017

The the new album by Formicarius ‘Black Mass Ritual’ is out 21 July via Schwarzdorn Productions. You can buy a copy of ‘Black Mass Ritual’ here.

Formicarius are a relatively new name on the black metal scene. Their first release was the ‘Lake Of The Dead’ single and was picked up by Sony/Music For Nations for inclusion on the ‘Speed Kills VII’ compilation album. The band have performed with Negura Bunget, Hate, Noctem and Old Corpse Road.

The album was recorded in two locations: all instruments with the exception of drums at Lord Saunders’ Casterly Rock Studio, whilst drums, mixing and mastering were handled by Neil Haynes at Parlour Studios. The intention here was to use the big studio resources efficiently, re-amping later in one session, and this allowed the band to spend more time in the small studio perfecting the arrangements.

Guitarist and vocalist Lord Saunders said:

“‘May the Rats…’ is the story of a man who stumbled upon an ancient truth and was subsequently locked in an asylum to rot for it. The inspiration is very much between Lovecraftian horror and John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’. The secret truth uncovered by our protagonist is an ancient evil race dwelling beneath the Earth’s crust, reaching the surface through his home and replicating/replacing the people around him.”

“The fast tempo and stabbing rhythms reflect the urgency of the situation, as do the the bizarre and frantic diminished runs throughout. As the piece progresses it becomes gradually more and more unhinged. First we descend into a hell march; the listener feels the weight of losing one’s free will due entirely to ignorance. Next the insanity starts to sink in, with vivid descriptions juxtaposed by weird arpeggios and rhythms. Finally, acceptance and bitter resentment as the piece winds down into a grim, slow paced chordal section embellished by alien synths. For what his fellows have done to him, our character now welcomes the coming darkness. A final curse upon the human race is uttered: May the rats eat your eyes!”

Formicarius are:

Lord Saunders – Vox, Guitar
Hægtesse – Vox, Bass
Nazarkardeh – Guitar
Morath – Keys
Aelle – Battery

Producer: Neil Haynes


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