Inter Arma ‘The Cavern’ Review And Stream

By on 8 October 2014


Colossal sludge merchants Inter Arma will be releasing a new EP via Relapse next week entitled ‘The Cavern’, a sprawling 45 minute long song that encapsulates everything that’s great about the band. You can read our review of the release here, as well as streaming the entire song…

‘The Cavern’

It’s hard to understand how Inter Arma would find the time to even think about writing at the moment, considering that in the year since releasing the sublime ‘Sky Burial’ the band have toured incessantly, not to mention three of its members releasing (and touring) a record with Bastard Sapling. The fact then that they managed to record an utterly mammoth, captivating and coherent one-song EP that spans 45 minutes is both something of a miracle and a testament to the band’s seemingly immeasurable talent. Beginning with tranquil acoustics before traversing quickly into simultaneously chunky and bluesy riffery, ‘The Cavern’ is a journey both stylistically and emotionally with Mike Paparo’s haunted bellow flowing over crushing guitars to perfectly accompany their heaviness with emotive power. Everything that follows is unexpected, with gorgeous melodies, evocative atmosphere and purposeful experimentation blending together seamlessly. The one consistency is the honesty and impeccable quality of it all, that is all the more coming to be synonymous with the name Inter Arma.


‘The Cavern’ is due to be released on October 14th via Relapse

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