Gridlink Reveal Brand New Song ‘Ketsui’

By on 3 January 2014


The wait is almost over! Blistering grindcore marauders Gridlink have revealed the first glimpse of their highly anticipated new album ‘Longhena’, in the form of a brand new song entitled ‘Ketsui’…

After pretty much revolutionising what it meant to be a grind band with the utterly essential Discordance Axis (seriously, if you’ve never heard their 2000 masterpiece ‘The Inalienable Dreamless’, drop whatever you’re doing and go and let it melt your brain immediately), Jon Chang has become infamous as one of grindcore’s most inventive and outspoken figures. A few years after Discordance Axis called it a day, Chang formed Gridlink in 2004 and released the devastating ‘Amber Gray’ in 2008, 11 minutes of absolute grind chaos that had critics falling over themselves to heap praise upon it.

The band followed it up with the equally manic ‘Orphan’ in 2011, before things fell worryingly silent. After the departure of guitarist Takafumi Matsubara, the future of the band looked uncertain, and indeed Chang would announce that the band was no more shortly after.

Thankfully, Gridlink had one more album left in them before Matsubara’s exit. Chang has recently made the following statement via Gridlink’s Facebook page about the new album, and his decision to hang up his grinding shoes to focus on other pursuits:

In a few weeks you guys will lay your hands on the last GridLink record and probably the last record I will ever make. It wasn’t always going to be that way, but during the recording I realized that this was the end of the line for me. I don’t think I will make a better record and I don’t want to be in a band with anyone other than Takafumi Matsubara, who was cashing out his chips as well. This is a hard genre to play in. I’ve loved the style since I first heard it in the late 80’s, via Napalm Death, however I have been notoriously critical of the genre and really only ever liked a handful of bands that play “grind”(I have gone so far as to say 99% of bands that call themselves grindcore are just playing short death metal songs). It’s earned me a lot of scorn over the years but I haven’t lost any sleep over it.

I think about how lucky I have been to work with such talented people over the past 20+ years creating music in a genre that few can understand or engage with. I’m especially lucky to have met and worked with people like Rob Marton and Takafumi Matsubara, people who were not content to play in that space, but were committed to carving out a whole new sub-genre that was distinctly their own. Then there’s the percussion team of Witte and Fajardo, both guys who were the absolute best at what they did, eclipsing not only their peers but those that inspired them to something more. And then there’s the bass, which I grudgingly agreed to but turned out pretty damn good LOL

To this day, I am still surprised anyone listens to or vaguely understands any of the music I’ve been a part of. So once again, I find myself saying goodbye. I’m going to be focusing on writing new graphic novels, making video games and films, etc. Feel free to tag along.

The record, entitled ‘Longhena’, was scheduled for a Winter 2013 release, but has now been delayed until February. Fortunately, a new track ‘Ketsui’ has recently been released via a digital Handshake Inc. sampler, making that wait ever so slightly more bearable. The song will feel familiar to the Gridlink faithful, whilst also quite surprising at the same time.

It’s probably best you just listen for yourselves, so ready yourselves, sit back and listen to ‘Ketsui’ below…

‘Longhena’ is due to be released on February 19th, 2014 via Handshake Inc.

You can find Gridlink on Facebook.

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