Convulse Premiere New Song ‘We Kill Our Kind’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 10 October 2013


Legendary Finnish death metal masters Convulse are back, and they’re premiering a song from their new album ‘Evil Prevails’ exclusively with Terrorizer!

Convulse put out a couple of very well received demos in the early ’90s, before unleashing their classic debut ‘World Without God’ in 1991, a true classic that marked them out as one of Finland’s finest death metal exports, right up there with the likes of Demigod and Abhorrence. Unfortunately, the quartet called it a day in 1994, after releasing their crushing sophomore album ‘Reflections’, before surprising us all by announcing a comeback last year.

After teasing death metal fans worldwide with their two track comeback EP ‘Inner Evil’ back in January of this year, Convulse have announced that their new album, entitled ‘Evil Prevails’, will be released in November through the ever reliable Svart Records.

‘We Kill Our Kind’ is the album’s opener, and what a beast it is! As it rolls out of your speakers with that classic, old-school rumble and the fetid stench that accompanies all true death metal, the urge to headbang like a crazed chimp becomes overwhelming. Don’t believe us? Then take a listen below, but make sure you’re in a suitably open location, free of any breakable objects before you start…

‘Evil Prevails’ is due to be released on November 1st via Svart Records, and is available to pre-order here.

Convulse will also be heading out on a European tour in support on ‘Evil Prevails’, playing the following shows:


Nov 2 – Blue Rose Saloon, Milan, Italy
Nov 3 – Closer Club, Rome, Italy
Nov 4 – Freakout Club, Bolgna, Italy
Nov 6 – Mondo Bizarro, Rennes, France
Nov 7 – Le Klub, Paris, France
Nov 9 – Wolf Throne Festival, Paris, France

You can find Convulse on Facebook.

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