Skindred, Raging Speedhorn, Feed The Rhino 31/01/2017 @ Concorde 2 Brighton

By on 10 February 2017

We sent Terrorizer Fear Candy CD curator Steve Dickson out to the Concorde 2 in Brighton with photographer Luke Bateman to check out eclectic Welsh alt-rockers Skindred, supported by both Raging Speedhorn and Feed The Rhino…

It has been hammering with rain all day as i arrive at the venue, its dark and moody and yet when i arrive at the venue the buzz feels more akin to a summer festival; everyone is up for it. ‘Good ol’ Brighton’ I pondered as I went into the main room to find a good spot for FEED THE RHINO…

They take to the stage in what many expected to be a typically gnarly performance although because they were opening and the crowd were still drying off it took a while to get the vibe going. Then, third song in, Lee the FEED THE RHINO front man takes a moment to split the crowd in half encouraging the first wall of death which changed the dynamic almost magically. The room erupted as the band stepped it up a notch much to the approval of the crowds smashing into each other in the room wide mosh pit. ‘Tides’ invited a welcomed gear change before ending in their usual aggressive manner. They worked a tough crowd and were an impressive opener. FEED THE RHINO will be back in Brighton on Saturday 1 April.

RAGING SPEEDHORN struggled at first as the Brighton crowd took some serious motivating but then, like any good front man, Jon stopped the proceedings, picked out a young teen in a grey hoody in the middle of the crowd, and tells the rest to move away from him to get two opposing circle pits running around him. I won’t lie, this was hilarious and did the trick as again the mosh pit filled the room. Even if half the crowd had never heard the band, their bluesy groove metal/hardcore edge once again hit the spot for those looking to let off some steam. A special mention is in order for both Dan from the band RSJ who stood in for the bands vocalist Frank who is poorly at the moment. Get well soon!

SKINDRED kept people waiting before going on, but were met with a positive vibe, and when they played it was loud, tight and impressive.

However, there was a point in the middle of their performance where their vocalist Benji, in keeping the crowd hyped asked ‘do you like Metallica?’, ‘YES!’ they cheered. He listed a number of other big metal bands reeling the crowd in with increasing wails of support, but then  and then he proceeded to publicly slate Justin Bieber and while playing one of his songs worked the crowd to join chanting ‘Fuck this shit!’

Bieber’s music does nothing for me but that’s just a personal preference; I felt it was in very bad taste to say the least and had expected more from a band at this sort of level. There is enough hate in the world without adding to it and its not like metal gets the best rap anyway, so actively encouraging hatred is far from appropriate.

This aside, the band put in a fantastic performance which showed off their incredible songs and musical talent.

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