Terrorizer 241 Is Out Now: The Emperor’s New Groove

By on 30 September 2013

241In this month’s imperious new Terrorizer, we speak to all round music genius IHSAHN about his majestic, groundbreaking new album, his relationship to his music, his insecurities and fears, and of course that upcoming return to the arena of EMPEROR.

We speak to BARONESS ahead of their return to the country that nearly marked their graves, and find out how frontman John Baizley cheated death a second time. We also talk to one of the surprise success stories of the year, WARDRUNA, about how they sound like Vikings, but they’re not trying to recreate the past.

We discuss with DREAM THEATER why progressive music is inherently extreme, and what it truly means to be “progressive”. We chat to Max Cavalera as SOULFLY roll back into town with one of the most brutal albums he’s put his name to in years, while DEATH ANGEL explain why they had to break up to grow up.

IN SOLITUDE give us an insight into their self-constructed world as their dark new record ‘Sister’ arrives, talk to RED FANG about whether you need a gimmick to get noticed in the crowded modern music market, find out why PELICAN vanished for so long and how they came back, and why TWILIGHT OF THE GODS may sound like Manowar, but are actually deadly serious.

We look back at one of KATATONIA’S finest albums in this month’s Dark Recollections, pit England against Belgium as ABORTED take on DYSCARNATE in our Hard Of Hearing test, delve into the murky world of the underground’s worst kept secret GRAVE MIASMA, and find out how a run-in with Watain led to OTARGOS swapping black metal for death metal.

And if that’s not enough, this month’s jam-packed Terrorizer also includes:

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Issue 241’s Editorial and Contents

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