Terrorizer 238 is out now: Longer! Louder! More extreme! Gojira and more!

By on 8 July 2013


Pick up your longer, louder and even more extreme copy of issue 238 with the free Fear Candy CD here or you can get your digital Terrorizer right here.

In the new longer, louder and even more extreme issue of Terrorizer, we chart the unstoppable rise of GOJIRA, one of the hottest properties in extreme metal right now. They get their first UK magazine cover in years, right on the verge of them making their first UK festival showing for two years – a period in which they have grown immeasurably.

We bring you the definitive preview of BLOODSTOCK detailing who to watch at this years spectacular festival. Iconic heavy metal frontman Phil Anselmo talks in depth about his brand new solo project PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS and gives us the inside track on a potential “reunion” from Pantera. Plus we had a man on the inside for GHOST B.C.‘s US headline tour and he came back with all the gossip and goings on behind the scenes.

With more space for extremity, we bring you three new features. In our resurrected scene report, we delve into the underground with a special look at UK BLACK METAL. In our promoter story, it’s the man behind the biggest metal festival in Britain, BLOODSTOCK’s PAUL GREGORY. And in our new label profile, we put the spotlight on British DIY label WITCH HUNTER RECORDS.

We speak to the demented genius being Norway’s blackjazz brigade SHINING, US Black Metallers DEAFHEAVEN reveal how they found melody in extremity and US thrashers HAVOK issue up a lesson in violence.

Holy Terrorists INTEGRITY welcome us into the inner sanctum, COFFINS keep it old school and teutonic legend UDO speaks about a lifetime in metal. While SUICIDAL TENDENCIES talk crossover, MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE get creative and DANIEL MENCHE reveals how he’s been embraced by extreme metal fans. We delve into the crypt with MORTUARY DRAPE, put CATTLE DECAPITATION to the test in Hard Of Hearing and PELICAN give us an update from the studio.

New bands on the Choice Cuts slab this month include FUCKING INVINCIBLELORD DYING and POWER TRIP, we select and dissect new albums from ALL PIGS MUST DIEBURZUMHIGH ON FIRE and POWERWOLF, and take in DOWNLOAD, MEGADETH, NAILS and VISION OF DISORDER. KING DIAMOND speaks ahead of his appearance at Bloodstock and to finish off, GAMA BOMB‘s Philly Byrne gives us his playlist of top tuneage.

If that’s not enough, this month’s issue also features:


Pick up your longer, louder and even more extreme copy of issue 238 with the free Fear Candy CD here or you can get your digital Terrorizer right here.

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