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This week’s BOTW is from a country I haven’t featured a band from yet, so I am very excited to present Kontrasosial – a raging crust punk band all the way from Indonesia, probably the leading punk export from that region! This band have released a couple of albums in their existence, the most recent being the excellent ‘Endless War’, which injects black metal influences in with the relentless crust attack, reminding these ears very much of bands such as Martyrdöd and Skitsystem; very Scandi-sounding overall.

The Indonesian Crust-Punk scene is VERY vibrant and bustling with small underground DIY labels such as Brigade Records and a multitude of bands flying the flag for d-beat and crust punk. It’s not the easiest place for a band to break out of and get their music known in other parts of the world due to its geographical isolation, but Kontrasosial have already managed to break out of SE Asia and do a tour of Mainland Europe which saw them share the stage with American crust titans Tragedy!

The whole point of these blogs is to help bands get more recognition and exposure, and this is one band who I really feel deserve to be more known in this county – and elsewhere for that matter. I sent some questions to the band and here is what members Billy, Kenji and Ebby had to say:

Hails! Please give us a background history on the band and who does what?

Kenji: “Kontrasosial was originally a crust grind band called Maximum Terror, formed in early 2002 by Ken Terror (drums), Indra (vocals) and Dede (guitars) – Ken and Dede are the only members that remain. Ken finally changed the band’s name and it became Kontrasosial [to match] the change of our musical direction, which is back to the roots of Swedish hardcore that adopted total d-beat. Our current line-up is Ebby (vocals), Billy (guitars), Toro (guitars), Ken Terror (bass) and (Ivan).”

Your album ‘Endless War’ is a crushing onslaught of crust punk. Please tell the readers abit about it in your own words.

“‘Endless War’ is our second album released by our friend’s label Final Warning  in 2008. We put our blood into that record. It’s slightly different compared to our first release and has more stuff to offer. By maintaining traditional d-beat raw punk, we also adopted  old school black metal influence, riffs, sound and feel.”

Do you have much new material in the pipeline?

“After releasing our live recording, we’re now back to the studio and DIY gigs to write and practice our new shit. Hopefully the shit will hit the fan next year!”

What bands influence and shape the sound of Kontrasosial?

Kenji: “We’re basically influenced by Discharge, Totalitär, Avskum, State Of Fear and a bunch of Japcrust/d-beat like Disclose, Poikkeus and FramtiWe’r.”
Ebby: “Winds Of Genocide and experimental noise!”

Please tell us a bit about the Indonesian/SE Asia punk/extreme music scene.

Billy: “SE Asia punk scene more is more brutal lately. Many good bands come and out of their breeding ground, spreading their disease with extreme music. The bands you guys should check are KRASSKEPALA (INA), GRAVE DANCERS (INA), PAZAHORA (SG) and tons of good bands and nice people.”
Kenji: “The Indonesian scene is the biggest in SE Asia. First, the width of the country itself. It has more than 27 provinces and thousand of islands.There are tons of underground bands from varieties of the genre that breed rapidly all across the country. Maybe it’s because of the socio-political and economical situation, where young kids are angry. The music represents the whole emotional and our point of views. Recommended bands: Peace Or Annihilation, a great, long-running d-beat raw punk band from Jakarta. They have a lot of great releases. Krass Kepala, also from Bandung (our hometown). A fast d-beat raw punk unit that toured Europe before Kontrasosial.
T.O.D.A, a two-piece grind band, also from Bandung. They released tons of split releases with other bands from other countries. A Sistem Rijek and from Yogyakarta, much influenced by Japanese d-beat/crust. Moragrifa, also from bandung, and Ebby plays guitar. A great blackened crust band. Error Brain, a technical grindcore band from Bandung.”

Do you guys play live in your home country often?

Billy: “For an Indonesia DIY band like us, we quite often play shows – usually in small venues or sometimes in the mountain, far from the city. Our friends come to dance and share their highest energy while we play.”
Kenji: “You can say that we’re picky enough to play in a gig as long as it’s D.I.Y gig. People will see nothing but madness and our ideas that we share.”

You toured last year which also included a gig with Tragedy, what was that touring experience like?

Billy: “Our European tour was a blasting experience. Not only we could play with great bands, but we can actually met and hung out with friends who had contacted us years before. Playing in front of hundreds of peoples in a big park in Geneva was a crazy memory. We jumped out of the van, set up the equipment, played loudly while the police were behind us and got the fuck out of that place – we don’t have permission to play in that park! Our fave places to play are squats, [but] we do have plans to hit all the places in the world with our existence!”
Ebby:  never stop smoking marijuana, my fav shows in zoro fest 16th leipzig (germany) and barcelona,yes we wanna back but too expensive and need hard wok for saving money 🙂

What does the name Kontrasosial mean?

“Kontrasosial consists of 2 words : kontra (as in contra) and sosial (as in society). It represents us generally that we are the contrary of the higher society.”


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