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Italian Blackened Doom quartet Forgotten Tomb have released plans to develop and release their fifth full length and have currently started the recording for their next album, entitled ‘Under Saturn Retrograde’, which is tentatively scheduled to be released hopefully around January 2011. The recording took place at Elfo Studio, located in Tavernago, Italy, which coincidentally is the same studio where the band recorded now-classic albums such as ‘Love’s Burial Ground’ and ‘Negative Megalomania’. Back to the creating position there’s Daniele Mandelli, producer/sound engineer of ‘Songs To Leave’, ‘Love’s Burial Ground’ and ‘Negative Megalomania’.

Herr Morbid gives his thoughts:

“We started setting up the drums and placing all the microphones on Friday morning, the 27th of August 2010. We placed something like 20 microphones on the drum-kit this time, just to make sure we can get the right sound, heh! Asher started playing & recording in late morning and then after lunch through all the afternoon, ’til 7 PM. He recorded following a metronome and I played a rhythm guitar line in the background, just to make sure everything work out right. The process went definitely smooth and we managed to track drums for 5 songs out of 9.On the 28th of August 2010 we started the sessions in the morning and we tracked down the other 4 songs in less than 6 hours. Again, the process was quite easy, though we took a bit more time for the title-track, since it’s rythmically a bit more complex than the other songs and it’s divided in 2 parts. At the end of the day I also recorded some tambourine for a song (The Cult docet) and some cow-bell as well (everyone knows my crush for Southern Rock, heh). But don’t worry, we aren’t making a Glam Rock album here!”

The band are planning to record guitars later on this week.

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