Nader Sadek debuts ‘Descent’, final track from ‘The Malefic: III’ EP

By on 20 January 2015

Nader Sadek 420

Terrorizer debut’s the final track ‘Descent’ from Nader Sadek’s ‘The Malefic: III’ EP which is to be released with Terrorizer 256, available later this month. Speaking of this track, Nader said:

I can only speak lyrically about this song. The music was composed by Rune Erikson and Flo Mounier¬†collectively, it took about six months for me to create the phrasing and write the lyrics, I had about 4 different version of vocals, but they were not working for me. At its inception it was intended to be an instrumental with a few ‘spoken word’ passages and maybe some samples, but i realized later that isn’t what the song needed.

One midsummer night, after a lot of hardships and loss, my grief materialized into a river of ideas, lyrics and phrasing. I wrote it all at 5am when I couldn’t sleep. Conceptually, this is the very last song in the third and final chapter of ‘The Malefic’, the protagonists final thoughts and dwellings in remorse and regret are expressed: ‘what have I done? Where have I been… inside? I tried to save thee, and instead I pillage to condemn you’.

Even though its a fantasy based story, its actually based on real events in my life, making it extremely personal in this sense. Get over it, and move on stronger.

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