My Silent Wake: ‘Damnatio Memoriae’, Creativity and Christianity

By on 14 July 2015

My Silent Wake released their eighth album ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ on 10 April this year. Miranda Yardley caught up with band mastermind Ian Arkley

What was the inspiration behind ?

The name came from a friend of mine who messaged me one day saying ‘Have you named your New record yet? I just came across the phrase Damnatio memoriae and thought I would throw it your way’. It turned out that we hadn’t named the album and that after a bit of research I found that it fitted the subject of much of the album perfectly, so we used it. I think my friend was pleased and he gets a ‘thanks’ in the album credits for it. Cheers Steve!

You have released a new album every year for the last 3 years, what is behind this creative burst?

All three of the last albums have been different styles. The ambient ‘Eye of the Needle’ was mainly improvised over a bass line or from scratch. Some ideas were re-used from older versions of the songs but overall there wasn’t much rehearsal or planning! The acoustic Preservation Restoration Reconstruction’ was recorded over a long period of time whenever we had a chance to record so again it wasn’t a project that needed a lot of time devoted to it. The new one was recorded as there was a need to record the new line-up and it was about time we put out another metal album! There hasn’t been an amazing burst of inspiration, just the usual trickle.

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Your association with Seventh Angel seems to mean MSW is synonymous with ‘Christian Metal’. Do you see this as a good thing or a bad thing? And why?

It is both, but mainly bad. It is good that we have retained some of the fans from Seventh Angel and Ashen Mortality from the Christian scene but even as far back as Ashen Mortality we weren’t wanting to be known as a Christian band. The bad side is that we are lumped in with Christian metal when we aren’t a Christian band or even Christians in a band. There have been Christian members in the band from time to time as well as atheist, Buddhist and agnostic. At the moment we are a mix of atheist and agnostic with another member waiting in the wings who is a liberally minded Christian. It is not something we worry about. I don’t care what the members of the band believe. It would be a complete load of bollocks if we claimed to be a Christian band and we have no desire to be another As I Lay Dying in any way whatsoever.

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