Live review: Audrey Horne in London

By on 28 February 2013
Pic: Leigh van der Byl

Pic: Leigh van der Byl



Opening for a band of Audrey Horne’s calibre is no mean feat, and with tonight’s early crowd keeping a coolly detached distance from the stage, it’s hardly the most electrifying of sets for newcomer UK rockers The Broken Chords. So far as chemistry goes, this freshly- formed collective have yet to gel completely as a unit, but with agile hooks and fiercely infectious vocal harmonies in spades, theirs is a solidly entertaining icebreaker.

Pic: Leigh van der Byl

Pic: Leigh van der Byl

From the second Audrey Horne hit the stage in a blaze of stratospheric shredding, the mood is nothing short of electric as fans savour a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with everybody’s favourite Norwegian hellraisers. Despite roots in some of the region’s most iconic black metal acts, there’s no scrap of ravishing grimness to be found here, but the five- piece’s illustrious pedigree nevertheless instantly becomes apparent in the dazzling, fearsomely muscular fretwork that follows. But for all Audrey Horne’s immense stage presence, the overriding atmosphere is one of casual ease as frontman Toschie banters affectionately with his bassist before plunging headlong into the grinding, Maiden-esque grooves of relentless new cut ‘Redemption Blues’.

With power and manic personality in equal measure, the vocalist’s steel-lunged verses soar effortlessly atop a monstrous wall of acrobatic reverb that sees new full-length ‘Youngblood’ form the explosive focal point of tonight’s festivities. It’s with unstoppable power, pizzazz and a fiendish sense of fun that these towering Norse rock gods bring fresh, bicep-flexing
venom to the rabble-rousing classics of bygone times.


Words: Faye Coulman

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