Gospel Of The Horns live at The Pint, 13 April 2013

By on 15 April 2013

Gospel Of The Horns brought their brand of Aussie thrash to The Pint in Dublin and Dread Sovereign even made a special guest appearance. Terrorizer’s Jonathan Keane caught the action…

Gospel Of The Horns

Gospel Of The Horns

It’s a night of firsts here in Dublin on a bill that collates the finest death and thrash. To begin, we have the live debut of Malthusian, a new band but not new faces, featuring members of Altar Of Plagues and Mourning Beloveth. Taking cues from the surge of bestial, primeval death metal of recent years but injecting flavours of doom and BM, Malthusian dish up a staggeringly impressive serving for their first show, particularly with the trio of vocals, each offering a different haunted howl from the abyss but never sounding disjointed.

ZOM meanwhile are a little more seasoned and it shows, with the band turning in another strong set. It also proves that after a few releases, the three-piece aren’t running short on riffs any time soon.

Next up is Swiss duo of death, Bölzer. Listening to their recent demo you would be forgiven for thinking there were more members, such is the devastating force of their music. However, this ungodly cacophony is crafted by just a guitarist/vocalist and drummer, both carrying their respective tasks with aplomb and delivering a searing set of strangely catchy, primal death metal.

Following that is the night’s “surprise” act, Dread Sovereign. The new band, who are very much in tune with the old school of Cirith Ungol and Venom, are helmed by Primordial’s Nemtheanga, alongside Bones (ZOM, Wizards Of Firetop Mountain) and Primordial drummer Sol Dubh. The gig serves as something of a warm-up for the band’s impending Roadburn appearance, which was their originally scheduled live debut. They appear to be ironing out a few creases but they still play with the proficiency of a band that has been doing this for years.

Nemtheanga, who most are used to seeing commanding stages fronting Primordial, appears a little constrained by holding his bass but guitarist Bones certainly adds a flavour of showmanship to the set with shamelessly wild lead guitar work. Given a few more shows, Dread Sovereign could be on to something special here. Time will tell.

Gospel Of The Horns

Gospel Of The Horns

The main event is still of course Gospel Of The Horns. The Aussie thrashers waste no time kicking into their set of old school thrash tunes, infused with the spirit of black metal. Perhaps they get a little ahead of themselves though as guitar strings are quickly snapped leaving the band to continue as a three-piece, but it does little to hamper their assault and soon guitars  are re-strung and ready for battle again, as battering ram tracks like ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ are more than evidence of.

The title track of new EP ‘Ceremonial Conjuration’ is jammed into the set for good measure, which is short and sweet but leaves no neck unharmed. Soon the band finishes up but are urged into a quick encore in the form of the thunderous ‘Slaves’ to end the set – undisputable victory for the Aussies.

Words & photos: Jonathan Keane

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