Listen to the new Shattered Sun album ‘The Evolution Of Anger’

By on 20 July 2017

The new Shattered Sun album ‘The Evolution Of Anger’ is out 21 July on Victory Records. You can buy ‘The Evolution of Anger’ and other Shattered Sun merchandise here.

It’s been nearly three years since Shattered Sun began work on their debut (2015’s ‘Hope Within Hatred’), and the ravenous Texas crew return with ‘The Evolution of Anger’. The album gives a birds eye journey over the current issues at hand on our apocalyptic planet, and it’s all about the accelerated riffery, ferociously cohesive drum thumps, and a vocal delivery that’s as fearsome as a beating from Team Rough House.

Vocalist Marcos Leal told us:

“We wanted this record to be the exact opposite of the last, we have been through and seen a lot, you can read it in the lyrics. ‘Hope Within Hatred’ is something I’ve moved on from. Our fans will love this ‘evolution,’ it’s what everyone has been living around for the past three years in what’s going on with the world. Anger and hate are the match and we are the gasoline.”

On working with producer Mark Lewis, bassist Joseph Guajardo adds:

“Many might think we were aiming towards a more radio friendly album, and we did the exact opposite. Mark really opened our eyes to the potential each member has creating music. We went heavier, faster, with hooks throughout the entire album and I’m glad fans old and new can finally hear it.”

Shattered Sun are:

Marcos Leal (Vocals)
Daniel Trejo (Guitar)
Jessie Santos (Guitar / Vocals)
Robert Garza (Drums)
Joseph Guajardo (Bass)
Henry Garza (Keys / Vocals)

Producer: Mark Lewis (DevilDriver, Fallujah)

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