Listen to the new album by Usurpress ‘The Regal Tide’

By on 19 September 2016

usurpress-500The new album by Usurpress ‘The Regal Tide’ which is out 23 September on Agonia Records. You can buy a copy of ‘The Regal Tide’on physical formats here or as a download here.

The album’s haunting cover artwork was created by renowned Dutch artist Marald van Haasteren (Bolt Thrower, High on Fire, Baroness, Kylesa) who was given a carte blanche with rgeards to the visual interpretation of the album’s lyrical concept. “The Regal Tribe” was recorded under the supervision of rising star producer Lawrence Mackrory (FKÜ, Darkane).

‘The Regal Tribe’ is the follow up to ‘Ordained’ (2014) which saw Ururpress leave their deathcrust path for more uncharted territories. During the composing of the new album, the band was plagued by mental disorders/depressions and life threatening illnesses in the member’s immediate families, most notably vocalist/lyricist Stefan Pettersson’s battle with his bone marrow cancer. Therefore ‘The Regal Tribe’ is a heavier and darker, yet more varied, complex and thoughtful effort than their previous albums. This concept album is a tragic story about life versus death, about vanity and the relentless passing of time.

The band told us:

“‘The Regal Tribe’, Usurpress’s third full length album, is a concept album written as one piece of music divided into ten parts. The music is written chronologically starting with the first part and then the second one and so forth. This approach to the song writing process allowed us to free ourselves a bit from the traditional song structures what perhaps have somewhat restricted us on our previous albums. Our aim was to make an album that was varied in tempo and style yet still sounding coherent and logical, an album that broadened our musical canvas yet stayed true to our roots. Every album we make is a preparation for the next one and ‘The Regal Tribe’ really is a great stepping stone for coming albums.

Lyrically, the album tells the story of a group of renegades from the regal immortal tribe set out to seek mortality and atone for the immoral way of life of their tribe. They call themselves ‘The Ordained’ and their leader is a woman known as ‘The Usurpress’. The narrator of the story is a member of their company and his tale is one of vanity, jealousy and betrayal”.

Usurpress are:

Stefan Pettersson – vocals
Påhl Sundström – guitar
Daniel Ekeroth – bass
Calle Lönnberg – drums

Featuring death metal expert Daniel Ekeroth on bass (author of the book “Swedish Death Metal”).

‘The Regal Tribe’ is the last Usurpress album to feature original drummer Calle Lönnberg who left the band shortly after the recording and was replaced by internationally renowned sticksman Mathias “Matte” Modin (Firespawn, Raised Fist, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Defleshed).


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