Listen to the new album by Kollapse ‘Angst’

By on 12 May 2017

The new album by kollapse ‘Angst’ which is released 19 May via WOOAAARGH and 5 Feet Under Records. You can support kollapse by visiting their Bandcamp page  and buy ‘Angst’ from Wooaaargh.

Speaking about Angst, the band stated:

“kollapse started as a devotion to heavy, aggressive music. People from the local music scene, curious and eager to explore the dynamics of a new line up and a new musical direction from what we had been doing with previous bands. During the first year of the band, things started to fall apart somewhat for some of the members, in their personal lives. Losing loved ones to disease, chronic depression, anxiety and disintegrating relationships haunted the band and these internal struggles still haunt the band today. We quickly realized that the nature of kollapse couldn’t be anything but a severely personal one. kollapse was never meant to be anything but an outlet, but as the years went by, the band grew stronger in vision and identity. Angst is about alienation, anxiety, existential conflict, and harnessing these emotions into a harsh beauty, that celebrates the ambivalence of living in modern Scandinavian society. kollapse will always strive to be honest and passionate in everything they do, and the album is a manifestation of this outlook. We all hurt, life is messy – the album reflects this.”

kollapse are:

Thomas: bass and throat
Peter: drums
Frederik: guitars
Troels: guitars and screams

You can buy ‘Angst’ from:


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