Listen to the new album by Ajattara ‘Lupaus’

By on 10 May 2017

The new album by Ajattara ‘Lupaus’ is out 12 May on Svart Records. You can buy a copy of ‘Lupaus’ here.

Frontman Ruoja said:

“One has to go to extremes to be able to get inside yourself. One must break constraints to know your abilities. One has to be independent to earn followers. You have to be strong to be able to keep promises. The fire of artistic creation never goes out, and the years of having to withstand major changes in life only fanned those flames, so I had no shortage of things to say. Lupaus is six rough years condensed in nine tracks and 50 minutes, played with Satanic fervor and taken to extremes.”

The band recorded Lupaus in Andacusia, Spain, in the studio Casa de la Musica in the mountains of Àlora. The arid landscape spawned what can be called Ajattara’s most raw and brutally personal work to date – an ode to the deepest feelings of human suffering and loss. The nine tracks on Lupaus rage and tear at the listener with devilish force.

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