Listen to new track by Völur ‘Breaker of Oaths’

By on 17 May 2017

This new track by Völur ‘Breaker of Oaths’ is taken from the band’s new album ‘Ancestors’ which is out 2 June on Prophecy Productions. You can buy a copy of ‘Ancestors’ here.

When Völur released their debut album, Disir, they had things all mapped out. With Ancestors due out via Prophecy Productions in June, phase two of their plan drops into place. The album is the second part of a four-part album series centred around the old Germanic spiritual world. Where its predecessor focused on themes surrounding female figures from mythology, ‘Ancestors’ focuses on the heroines’ male counterparts…

The band explains:

“‘Breaker of Oaths’ is inspired by the saga of Gisli Surrson, a man whom through a complex network of alliances, finds himself outcast from society on the run from those who wish to exact revenge on him. The song weaves together different moments of the grotesque with sorrowful melodies. Intended to be structured like a true tragedy, it barrels toward its sad conclusion, only stopping to breathe its sorrow into the air. This song shows all the band’s strengths, the alchemy of doom, folk and the avant-garde.”

Völur’s songs are long, quasi-narrative pieces that feature Laura C. Bates’ violin assuming the role traditionally executed by a guitar, allowing the bass playing of Lucas Gadke (also of Blood Ceremony) to take on unique responsibilities in both lead and melodic roles while drummer Jimmy Payment (Do Make Say Think) feeds the band’s bombastic, crushing oomph. If Völur is new territory for you, it’s not too late to immerse yourself.

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