Listen to Denigrata’s ‘Dies Irae’ from ‘Missa Defunctorum’

By on 29 October 2015

‘Dies Irae’ is taken from Denigrata‘s debut album, ‘Missa Defunctorum’; the Midlands based band have been building a name for themselves on the live circuit whilst working on their first release, which sees these black metal upstarts putting their own twist on the genre, incorporating some warmly bewitching operatic vocals into a typically cold and charred soundscape.

Taking their cues from Mozart, but in true black metal style, Denigrata’s exact inspiration is suitably macabre. Mozart’s requiem was composed as he was dying, and finished off after his death by his wife and students, who chose to give end it as it started, giving an infinite feel to the whole piece. From there, over 200 years later, Denigrata take their inspiration describing it as a requiem of their own that “houses the cloying tar of life, in parallel with the bliss of death”.

We asked Denigrata’s front-woman, Denigrata Herself, to tell us a bit about this track specifically:

“The Dies Irae, meaning Day of Wrath is the third movement of a requiem mass. The connotations of blackness, chaos and knowledge through pain are sewn into the song structure, riffs and soundscapes. The acid screams of the main vocal line vomit forth agony whilst the operatic lines wrench that agony towards blissful oblivion”

Missa Defunctorum will be self released on November 23, and if you’re in the area, they’ll be hosting a rather special release show at the Church of the Holy Selpulchre, Northampton on November 21.

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