Listen to the new Maim album ‘Ornaments of Severity’

By on 9 June 2017

The new album by Maim ‘Ornaments of Severity’ is out today on Soulseller Records. You can buy a copy of ‘Ornaments of Severity’ here. This is the third album by the Swedish death metallers, who are now stripped down to a duo.


1. Caves of Echoing Madness
2. Coffin Gloryhole
3. Aura of Desperation
4. With Nails and Bolts
5. The Judas Cradle
6. Skeletons
7. Ceremonial Knife
8. Slaughterhouse
9. The Gnarling Dead
10. Crushing the Tomb
11. Sepulchral Haze


Christian Sandberg – Vocals & Guitars
Henric Ottosson – Drums

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