The Incineration Festival 2016 Playlist

By on 4 May 2016

Incineration Festival 2016 is this weekend, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May across two venues at The Dome and the Boston Music Room. With a great line-up headed by Dark Funeral and Marduk and including Immolation and Origin, tickets are a steal at £28 for a day or £48 for the weekend. You can get your Incineration Festival 2016 tickets here.

Here is our playlist, prepared by the festival organisers and Conor Droney at Plastichead Distribution, to get you in the mood and celebrate the dark, depraved music that will be infecting the London atmosphere…

Dark Funeral
‘When Angels Forever Die’ from ‘The Secrets of the Black Arts’
A sense of freezing cold and impending doom is ever present in this song, something we can feel with the ever creeping Incineration Fest on the horizon.

‘Burn My Coffin’ from ‘Those of the Unlight’
The sound of a machine gun blasting and onus of war! Marduk can only be summed up in one word! Relentless!

‘Helvete’ from ‘Desert Northern Hell’
Perfectly Crafted Hell! This band only comes in one package! And that is one like a ticking time bomb!

‘Those Left Behind’ from ‘Dawn of Possession’
Death Metal? This song shows what the war of Angels and Demons would be like if a song was written about it!

‘Finite’ from ‘Antithesis’
A bullet to the brain? Origin on most levels is a mind trip turned on its head!

‘The Fuck Trance’ from ‘London’
London Black Metal! Urban Black Metal…Voices has done Black Metal in a way only Londoners can.

‘Sun Eater’ from ‘Sun Eater’
Arguably one of the finest Blackened Death Metal song to come in the last half decade, pure and utter greatness.

Lucifer’s Child
‘Lucifer’s Child’ from ‘The Wiccan’
A ritualistic invocation of Doomed Blacked Metal, something to the cleanse the soul for the weekend of the fest.

Cerebral Effusion
‘Into Morbid Obesity’ from ‘Impulsive Psychotic Acts’
Pulse pounding Iberian sounds from the godfathers of Spanish Death Metal, a hefty dose of is as only they can.

Unfathomable Ruination
‘Parthenogenocide’ from ‘Idiosyncratic Chaos’
A wall of sound, controlled chaos and a technicality bordering on the obscene.

Incineration 600

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