Gold release video for ‘White Noise’

By on 3 February 2017

Gold have released a video for the track ‘White Noise’, taken from their new album ‘Optimist’ which is out via Ván Records on February 24. You can buy ‘Optimist’ on vinyl here or buy ‘Optimist’ on CD here.

The latest offering from GOLD is the sound of a band who have truly found their footing musically, and thematically, a band who are not afraid to make their voices be heard. The Dutch band have been on our radar for several years now; with roots firmly in the Terrorizer world, but with an outlook that is at times so uncategorised-able they could fit into the pages of almost any music publication going.

Today we’re bringing you a track from their upcoming album, Optimist, which features a baby photo of vocalist Milena Eva on the cover, and, to be fair, she’s not looking very optimistic…The track is titled, White Noise, and is food for thought in the unsettled political landscape we all find ourselves in these days.

GOLD’s mastermind, Milena, fills us in:

“Confusion, disturbance, distraction, interference… Welcome to the age of post-truth and alternative facts. Putin’s politics are informed by Russian avant-garde theater and Trump’s two-faced presidency coincides with the prophetic return of Twin Peaks. White noise has become a powerful tool to divide and conquer. In our video for ‘White Noise’ we reflect on this by placing the optimistic final speech of Charlie Chaplin’s timeless classic ‘The Great Dictator’ in the context of Trump’s first weeks as a divisive fact-free populist president. We’re with Nina Simone on this one: an artist’s duty is to reflect the times.”

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