Incubate Preview: Khold

By on 17 September 2013


Norway’s Khold play mid-paced black metal with a hearty dose of rock’n’roll inspired groove, not unlike the later works of Satyricon or Craft. Formed after the break up of Tulus (who, incidentally, reformed back in 2006 and are also taking to the stage at this year’s Incubate festival), Khold have since gone on to release five albums worth of their trademark black’n’roll. Combining the cold hostility of black metal with the groovier climes of rock is often a recipe for disaster, but Khold have managed to harness the power of both genres to spectacular effect.

With their evil, hard rocking grimness, Khold’s set may be the only one at Incubate that you can swing your hips to whilst simultaneously extending a crab claw into the sky, so don’t miss out!

NAME: Khold


FIVE WORD DESCRIPTION: Groovy but evil black’n’roll…

MUST-HAVE ALBUM: ‘Phantom’ (2002)

FOR FANS OF: Tulus, Satyricon, Craft

SIGNATURE MOVE: You’ll spot frontman Gard’s distinctive corpse paint a mile off…


You can find Khold on Facebook. The band will play Incubate on Friday, September 20.

Incubate takes place on 16 to 22 September 2013 in the city of Tilburg in The Netherlands and its surroundings. Tickets for ‘Black Metal Friday’ are priced at €32.50, whilst a ticket for the entire week will only set you back a mere €80, and you can purchase them here. More information about ‘Black Metal Friday’ can be found on the event’s Facebook page, whilst more information about the festival itself can be found on their website and Facebook page.

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