Trippy Wicked Tour Report Part 1

By on 17 October 2012

Awkwardly named UK sleaze rockers Trippy Wicked And The Cosmic Children Of The Knight have hit the road in Europe and wanted to tell you about it.

“My lap will be your graveyard, kiss your friends goodbye.”

We’re on the fourth date of our European tour, we’re mostly nocturnal and our German friends are trying to kill us with enormous amounts of food and beer. This is exactly what we’d both hoped for and expected.

The Oetinger Villa has to be seen to be believed. It’s an enormous old mansion in Darmstadt that serves as a youth centre and venue with three or four floors, a big live room, a basement with rehearsal studios and what seems like an endless number of corridors and rooms.


The high ceilings and grand architecture are covered with stickers, graffiti and posters from the thousands of bands that have played here over the years. Looking up from the sofa I’m sat on there’s a reminder you’re never too far from home.

For many reasons yesterday will be one of those days I remember for a long time. I’ve been bugging the Wight guys to play the opening track from their new album since we arrived late last Thursday. It’s not normally in their set but last night they played it for me. The refrain “My lap will be your graveyard, kiss your friends goodbye” and the repetition of the music and the awesome riffs is so powerful. It’s trance inducing.

We spent the day catching up with friends we met last time we were here over a long lunch at Rene’s (Wight’s singer and guitar player) house. Mid afternoon we sent Pete and Rene off to an amp repair guy to try and discover why Pete’s amp had cut out mid set the previous night in Hanau while the rest of us set up for the “monster jam”.

The monster jam involved setting up all our gear plus a second drum kit in the middle of the floor of the live room, all three bands playing a short set and then opening the floor for anyone and everyone to join in. For several hours both friends and people that had never met before jammed together, creating a huge meandering piece of music that shifted vibe as the various musicians took their turn.

Yesterday was also the day we properly clicked as a band. This tour is unusual for us in that Dicky couldn’t make it so we have Tony Reed (Mos Generator, Stone Axe) filling in on drums for me while I cover the bass. Rehearsals went well and the first 2 gigs were great but last night we really connected. We’ve learnt each others playing style and we’re playing them with more confidence every time.

Tonight we’re playing for a local radio station in Marburg and then tomorrow we head to France for two dates, Paris and Strasbourg.”

To be continued…

Trippy Wicked play London Underworld on December 8.

The album ‘Coming Home’ is out now on Super Hot

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