Bode Preto ‘Inverted Blood’: the Black Goat of Mendes

By on 20 March 2013

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Bode Preto make deathly black metal. We spoke to them to find out how they got together, their new album ‘Inverted Blood’ and what it all means. You can stream the full album below.

BAND NAME: Bode Preto
WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Teresina, Brazil
FOR FANS OF: Sarcófago, Von, Beherit
LATEST RELEASE: Inverted Blood (Ketzer Recs./Goatprayer Recs.)
CHECK OUT THESE TRACKS: Children of Suicide, Elytron (Succubus), The Erection of the Cross

Who is in the band? And what do you do in the band?

Josh S.: Vocals and guitars.
Adelson Souza: Drums.

When did the band form?

Josh S.: Bode Preto was formed in March of 2009.

How did you get together?

Josh S.: The band started as a trio. We recorded the Dark Night EP with this linecover 300 up in 2010. In the beginning of 2012 the previous bassist and drummer quit, because of that we couldn’t play live. I then concentrated on writing songs and recording demos by myself for the debut album. I managed to record 10 songs playing all the instruments. That’s when Adelson and I started to talk about recording the album. He lives in Rio de Janeiro, a city 3.000km away from Teresina, where I live and have my home studio. I knew about Andelson since he played in The Endoparasites, his first band that was formed in 1987. We started to consider the possibility of him coming here to work on the songs from that demo and it became a reality when he came to stay for one week in my house, (he was sleeping in the same room that we were recording). I did almost all the technical work of recording and producing the album. It was mixed and mastered in Hellfire Studios in Birmingham, in the UK.

We had as special guest Fábio Jhasko (former Sarcófago member) doing 3 guitar solos for us, he recorded it at his hometown São Paulo. It was mixed and mastered in Hellfire Studios in Birmingham, in the UK.

Adelson Souza: Josh and I used to exchange stuff over the Internet. We realized that there was something there to explore and that there was a real possibility of me flying from Rio de Janeiro to Teresina to work on that. It was a difficult job because things were very different and I had never seen him in my life. It was something very risky, but I believed in the music. We not only got along well, but also became friends!

Where does the band name come from?

Josh S.: Bode Preto means ‘Black Goat’ in Portuguese. We wanted all kinds people, not only metal fans, to understand the meaning of it in our city.

What turned you onto extreme music?

Josh S.: Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” EP.

What’s the extreme metal scene like where you live?

Josh S.: In Brazil it was and still is very strong. I can mention bands like Sarcófago, Sex Trash, Mystifier, Impurity, Krisiun, Headhunter D.C and No Sense. From Teresina I like a new band called Intestinal Vomit (Splatter Death Metal). You can find Metalheads everywhere bode_preto_photo_erick_miranda_4 green 300in Brazil, even in the most improbable places like in the middle of Amazon rain forest or in Piauí, the state we come from, which is very poor, and all the media and the majority of the money is in the hands of very few people.

Adelson Souza: In Rio de Janeiro there are always good and wild audiences. I played in the past in a band called The Endoparasites (Cogumelo Records/93) and play now in another project called Diabolic Force.

Who are your inspirations as musicians?

Josh S.: For sure Tony Iommi is the guitarist that I like the most, and Max Cavalera is a hero, but I also get inspired by players of different instruments and styles.

Adelson Souza: Mike Sus, Felix Griffin, DD Crazy, Igor Cavalera, Scott Peterson, Gus Pynn, Reed St.Mark, Pete Sandoval, Dave Lombardo, Clive Burr, Ken Owens, Stefan Kaufmann, and many, many more heroes.

Who or what are your inspirations as songwriters?

Adelson Souza: For Bode Preto my performance was inspired by Felix Griffin, Scott Peterson, Mike Sus, DD Crazy, and finally Igor Cavalera for his sound and spirit.

Josh S.: I like the songs to be straight forward. I can mention Beherit, Sarcófago but also bands like Rövsvett, Agathocles and The Ramones.

What influenced you over the new album? Musical and lyrical themes?

Josh S.: For ‘Inverted Blood’ I was very much focused in developing what we started on our first EP “Dark Night”. Black Sabbath will always be a huge influence, and while Adelson was here we were listening repeatedly to Von’s “Satanic Blood” demo. For the lyrics I’m influenced by Napalm Death’s question “You suffer, but why?” and because of that by the works of Wilhelm Reich.

I’m still searching for that question’s answer, and all the different kinds of influences bode_preto_photo_erick_miranda_1 300 standing in the darkare enacted in the way I record and feel the music, but they don’t make me aim to sound exactly like them. As an example I can mention the track “Children of Suicide”; that’s about the real act of suicide, but also about the self sabotage that we as humans keep on doing to our own species. Instead of providing the ways for children to develop to their maximum as human beings, we are doing the opposite, by repressing and compressing their lives to the minimum, creating controlled monsters that sometimes explode in the forms of schizophrenia, brutal crimes and wars. “Black Mirror” is based on dreams where I can communicate with my unconscious and compare it with my conscious life, and finding balance to get both of them heading in the same directions.

What advice would you give to anyone making music now?

Adelson Souza: Be good at what you do.

Josh S.: You must have fun doing it, but be aware that it can be painful too. And always remember to breathe while you play.

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