Cauldron: Still Young, Still Hungry

By on 19 May 2017

Toronto’s heavy metal hell raisers, Cauldron, have rolled into town ready to lay waste to the Black Heart tonight. They play as part of the Live Evil hosted Cauldron/ Tokyo Blade weekender at the Black Heart in Camden – and what better way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut release – the ‘Into the Cauldron’ EP. Our spies on the ground tell us that they decimated the north last night when they played the Star & Garter in Manchester, so London – brace yourselves!

Having landed on our fair isle earlier this week, Canada’s second most famous power trio wasted no time in getting to grips with their favourite British delicacies. First up – Newcastle Brown Ale. “If it’s Cronos’ favourite beverage, it’s mine too!” declares axe-man, Ian Chains.

So what’s on the menu when Cauldron step off the plane onto British soil? “Jaffa cakes!” they exclaim. When presented with a selection of these cakes (not biscuits) ranging from your regular McVities staple, right the way through to the down right exotic dark chocolate and mango, these Canadian kings set about rating them. Well, how else will you while away all those hours in the van? Bass player/vocalist, Jason Junop and drummer, Myles Deck, joined Chains to sample their way through this most British of comestibles.

“The Original” McVities Jaffa Cakes:
Chains: I’m no stranger to these.
Deck: The orange is super present… Ooh that clears out my sinuses.
Chains: Out of ten, these have gotta be a 9.5.

M&S Mini Jaffa Cakes
Chains: The Marks & Spencer mini Jaffa cakes are a slow burn, it takes a few seconds for the flavour to hit.
Deck:I f you did a cross section of the Marks and Spencer mini Jaffa cake, and examine it under the microscope, you would indeed find that the jelly goes much closer to the edges.
Junop: I like this one more.
Chains: I’m gonna give this a 7 and a half… I just really like those originals.
Deck: Not as bold as the original.

M&S Dark Chocolate and Mango Jaffa Cake
Junop: This beer really is delicious.
Deck: This is super fragrant.
Chains: It tastes like potpourri; it’s like we’re eating perfume
Junop: It tastes like air freshener
Deck: They could be good on tour in the van, to get rid of that wretched foot smell.
Chains: How do I rate them… I’m gonna give the mango flavour a four out of ten.
Junop: They should do a chocolate fudge jaffa cake.

M&S Dark chocolate Lemon & Lime Jaffa Cake
Chains: It’s hard to screw up lemon and lime
Junop: That one’s good, it tastes like lemon meringue pie. This is my favourite.
Chains: This is my second favourite. I give lemon & lime eight and a half out of ten.

So there you have it – the original and still the best, McVities reigns supreme. If you’re in the Camden area this weekend, then we’re pretty sure these fellas aren’t going to say no if you turn up brandishing one of those famous blue packets.

Cauldron’s latest release was 2016’s In Ruin, which you can pick up HERE. Follow their on the road updates on the Cauldron Facebook, or better yet head out to a show:

19/5 The Black Heart – London, UK
20/5 Heavy Sound Fest – Poperinge, BE
21/5 Little Devil – Tilburg, NL
22/5 Le Club – Paris, FR
23/5 Thunderbird Lounge – Lyon, FR
24/5 Coq D’or – Olten, CH
26/5 Klub 007 – Prague, CZ
27/5 Live Evil Fest – Berlin, DE
29/5 MTS – Oldenburg, DE
30/5 Bambi Galore – Hamburg, DE
31/5 Loppen – Copenhagen, DK
1-3/6 Muskelrock – Alvesta, SE
6/6 TVO – Turku, FI
7/6 Dog’s Home – Tampere, FI
8/6 Kuudes Linja – Helsinki, FI

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