Band of the day: Kill With Hate

By on 15 January 2013
NAME: Kill With Hate
THEY ARE: Brutal death metal
FROM:  Budapest
FOR FANS OF: Decapitated, Suffocation, Blood Red Throne
UPCOMING RELEASE: Voices of Obliteration
SONGS TO CHECK OUT: ‘The Beast Within’


Hungary’s Kill With Hate make razor-sharp, pummeling death metal that shows how much talent lies outside the borders of the US.  Flying the flag for Budapest, they have seen little recognition outside of their native land, something which we had to rectify immediately.  We spoke with the band and this is how it went down…

How did you guys get together?

It was our former bassist, Tamás Meilinger, who got us together in 2007. He and former
drummer, Khrul were planning to bring Kill With Hate to a new level, so they recruited Ákos
Olt and Márton Hartvig. Later Krisztián “Cathar” Gyémánt joined the band, and so Kill With
Hate’s lineup was complete by the beginning of 2008. We’ve had some lineup changes since
then. In 2009 Khrul left the band, and was replaced by Bence Turcsák, and in 2011 Tamás
Meilinger also left the band, and was replaced by Patrik Pornói.

Can you tell us a little about your current release?

Voices of Obliteration is our first full length album featuring 10 tracks. We began writing the
songs in early 2010, when Bence Turcsák joined the band on drums. Voices of Obliteration is
concept album, that deals with a serial killer, who is obsessed by the notion, that God wants
him to cleanse the Earth from the sinful people. Most of the songs are related to this fictional
man’s amok run, but there some songs at the beginning of the album, that deal with a more
general concept of insanity and frustration. The album also includes a cover song from an old
Hungarian death metal band Extreme Deformity. This band was very influential in the local
death metal scene in the early 90’s, and we intended to pay a tribute to them by recording this

What influences you, both musically and lyrically?

Mostly we are influenced by death metal. We listen to other music too, but that doesn’t really
influence Kill With Hate. As for the lyrics, they are influenced by fiction and reality. Some
of us are huge horror movie fans, so that has some influence on the lyrics, but we find out
from time to time, that reality is much more horrible than anything some horror directors can
come up with. Our first EP, ‘Evolution of the Beast’ was influenced by Josef Fritzl, the man
from Austria, who locked his daughter in their basement, and raped her on a regular basis for
30 years. I think you couldn’t possibly make a story more horrible than this one. In the case
of ‘Voices of Obliteration’, it was supposed to be the story of a fictional serial killer, but the
day we made up this story Anders Behring Breivik massacred some 77 people in cold blood,
so compared to that, our concept was nothing but a soft fairytale. This event might have had
some subconscious influence on the lyrics as well.

What’s the local metal scene like in Budapest? Who do you consider
to be your peers?

There’s not much of a metal scene in Budapest anymore. People seem to be passive when
it comes to going to live concerts. The only thing that might attract some people is free
entrance. There are many good bands around, but they tend to give up real soon. Death metal
in Budapest is nonexistent. There are 6-7 promising death metal band in the country, but in
Budapest it is completely dead.

Have you had much response from outside Hungary?

Not much yet. There are some people, who seem to be interested in our band in the
Philippines and Indonesia though. We are planning to conquer Europe in 2013. In fact we
are already trying to book some gigs in Poland, and we very recently had our first show in Slovakia.

What are your plans for the future?

In 2013 we are planning to do as many live shows as humanly possible, and promote Voices
of Obliteration. Meanwhile we’ll probably write a bunch of new songs for the next album. We
hope to find a record label as well. We feel, that we could continue coming up with new stuff
for decades, so we’ll keep doing so as long as we can.

Anything you’d like to say to Terrorizer readers?

Dear readers! You are magnificent people! Thank you for supporting heavy music! If you
want to hear some heavy death metal, check out our music! We hope you’ll like it.


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