‘One And All, Together, For Home’ Compilation: Album Stream And Review

By on 14 May 2014


Season Of Mist will be releasing the ‘One And All, Together, For Home’ compilation next month, featuring a number of international metal artists (such as Winterfylleth and Primordial), gathered together by Drudkh mastermind Roman Sayenko to provide their own interpretations of traditional folk songs from their respective country of origin.

Terrorizer is proud to present an exclusive premiere of the album in full, alongside Rich Taylor’s review from Terrorizer #249, which will be in stores next week…

‘One And All, Together, For Home’

Spearheaded by Drudkh’s Roman Sayenko, this two-disc compilation draws artists from across Europe together in a heartfelt and profound ode to their homelands. From Ireland to Ukraine, and Finland to Portugal, this record features devotions to the ancient lands that have birthed some of our favourite past-gazing bands, spanning genres, style and influences over the course of its journey. Beginning with Primordial’s cover of famed Irish folk singer Liam Weldon’s ‘Dark Horse On The Wind, the suitably emphatic orations of Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill give an early hint of the impending emotion and depth of this record. Winterfylleth echo tour-mates Primordial in their retelling of moments from England’s folk music tradition, bringing strings, acoustic guitar, and tranquil duets together for three tracks that capture the romance of ancient England. Travelling onto the continent, contributions by Kampfar, Finnish one man project Häive, and The Netherlands’ Mondvolland utilise the melody and majesty of Northern Europe in heavier and darker tracks, more along the lines of traditional folk metal, but with a powerfully introspective flavour. Drudkh transport the listener to eerie, spectral forests of Eastern Europe, with prominent use of Slavic melodies and instruments conjuring a mystical and heady atmosphere, while Ava Inferi infatuate with haunting Portuguese providing an amorous accompaniment to their Goth-infused doom metal. A stirring elegy to Europe’s cultural and musical fabric, this is a reminder of the ties binding the diverse continent together, and is essential for anybody who has been moved by the romance and mystery of its misty past.


‘One And All, Together, For Home’ is due to be released on May 23rd via Season Of Mist, and is available to pre-order here.

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