Aeon’s ‘Aeon’s Black’ review and full album stream!

By on 16 November 2012
The cover artwork for Aeon's Black

The cover artwork for Aeon’s Black

Terrorizer is streaming Aeon’s new album ‘Aeon’s Black’, out now on Metal Blade. What did we think of it? Read Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin’s review and enjoy the music!

‘Aeon’s Black’

Back when Dark Funeral’s David Parland still ran the show, Necrophobic was branded as the Scandinavian answer to Deicide. And almost two decades since the release of ‘The Nocturnal Silence’, Aeon have got everything they need in store to reclaim that accolade. It’s all here: the anti-christian rhetoric, the barking/snarling vocals and the barrage of machine-gun blasts. Having started in the mid-‘90s as Defaced Creation, although their main source of inspiration is sometimes a tad too obvious, these Swedes have learnt new tricks along the way. And with no Ralph Santolla in sight to spread flashy solos all over the place like hot jam, ‘Aeon’s Black’ would probably be the best Deicide album since ‘Legion’. Except it’s Aeon, obviously.


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