Review: The Danse Society – ‘Change Of Skin’

By on 13 July 2011

‘Change Of Skin’

The Danse Society were perhaps one of the more underappreciated bands of Goth’s ’80s heyday. Despite some fantastic singles like ‘We’re So Happy’ and ‘Somewhere’ as well as the album ‘Heaven Is Waiting’ to their name the band unceremoniously bowed out. Fast-forward twenty-five years and the band return with arguably their finest ever moment.

Hinged on the powerful voice of Blooding Mask’s Maethelyiah, the band’s obvious maturity as musicians and song-writers finds a perfect foil for their atmospheric post-punk style. There is still an air of familiarity to the band’s sound though. The guitars and electronic elements still sound identifiably TDS, even if time and technology has improved them. Yet this still feels like a bold step forward, unfettered from the past. So all those who were worried about Steve Rawling’s lack of involvement in the resurrected band should be very satisfied with the end result.
Songs like ‘God Cry’, ‘Slowfire’, ‘Resurrection’ and ‘End Of Days’ show off the extent of the band’s ambitions and just how far they have come in such a short space of time back together. While the band’s chemistry and passion is without question, it is occasionally evident that they have got a bit carried away with they layers of electronics in some songs which can unfortunately overpower some of the subtleties of Maethelyiah’s performance.

It will be interesting to see how The Danse Society (re)develop further as they settle into live performances and writing follow up material. But with the level of chemistry on display here, it will certainly be a positive experience for the band.


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