Review: Mater Suspiria Vision – Crack Witch 2 (Paracusia)

By on 23 August 2012



The work of Mater Suspiria Vision is known to be a surreal and abstracted experience and Crack Witch 2 is no exception, but there’s a new dimension. Throughout, sung and spoken word vocals weave in and out of the dreamscape sounds. Vocals that add a more human presence amidst the sounds of encroaching terror and vocals that are part of this terror. On the track ‘Paraclusia’ we are greeted by our guide through the seven layers of Crack Witch 2 who in a deadpan tone tells us about the world of Mater Suspiria Vision. Our guide’s cryptic intonations only serve to deepen the mystery.

‘The Broken Mirror Of Suzanne Banyon’ really leans on the slapback delay quite heavily which has an effect similar to Steve Reich’s composition ‘The Desert Music’. The result is insistently pulsing and hypnotic. Melody lines weave in and out, like dancing lights between massive steaming machines.

A reverberating and very goth beat carries a decidedly Nico-esque vocal from Prosymna’s Emi along into the night on ‘Evil House Of Forbidden Fruits Part 2’. So many sounds echo and distort, but the sound of the singer is naked, making the humanity and melodicism of her presence all the more effective.

MSV are well known for wearing cinematic influences on their sleeve and the track ‘Suspiria’ illustrates how effectively they channel this inspiration into work that is all their own. This tribute to the Italian horror classic is appropriately disturbing. The langour of the synth lines contrasts with downright violent and hysterical voices and skittering beats.

The mood remains Giallo on ‘The Trip Garden Of El Diablo’. The layering of voices, screaming, laughing and gibbering has the character of collage, much like the visuals Cosmotropia De Xam of Mater Suspiria Vision creates. Whether this is a deliberate application of one approach to two forms has not been stated, but sound and image do evoke the same feeling of psychedelic detatchment and dread. This is a very full-bodied form of musical minimalism and delicious kind of dread.

Trip 2013 feat. voice modifications of Shivabel is voice manipulation that transcends the easy slowdowns of drag mixes that is epic in length and scope. A slow comedown, or the slow dawning after surviving the night of the demon.


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