Review: Elastik – ‘Critik’

By on 29 June 2011


The bass creeps, relentless, like someone following behind late at night. Just out of sight but always there. Drums echo like empty streets and piano keys sound like lonliness, despite the distorted stalking of the bass. This opening track has no vocals, acting as a subtle, yet unnerving introduction to the next 48 minutes and 29 seconds. Like the opening credits of a scary movie you begin to wonder if you should turn the lights on and check the door is locked.

Atmospheric electro industrial band Elastik are from France and ‘Critik’ is their second album. All 10 tracks are like a towering city in the middle of night. Not the bright lights and bustle of crowds but the poorly lit alley ways and abandoned buildings. This is French electro noir at it’s darkest. It has the atmosphere of someone like Aphex Twin and the colour of Sin City.

Featuring a mixture of instrumental and spoken word tracks the album keeps it’s distance but is not so removed that it is unaccesable. Vocals are provided by a number of featured artists from other groups in both French and English varying from haunted house whispers to detached monologues and angry demands. The cover and sleeve are dolls faces and industrial factories, with the tracks being descriptively named – ‘Toxik’, Skalel’, ‘Nevrotik’ and the like. ‘Insomniak’ features vocals by Black Sifichi not disimilar to the pschizophrenic cartoon ‘The Maxx’, whilst other tracks consist of female French voices who could be reading their shopping list but sound like they’re predicting an apocalypse. The bleakness is counteracted however, by the depth of sound and intelligent way they have been put together to make Elastik a guaranteed cult favourite.

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