Review: Arcane Winter – ‘Cold Europe’

By on 4 October 2012

‘Cold Europe’

Having put Midnight Configuration on ice for the time being, Trevor Bamford has wasted no time in indulging himself in Death Party UK with it’s swampy blues and dark country sound. Now his new main concern, Arcane Winter, finally hits the airwaves. Roping in long-term cohorts Piers Sixx (Radio Nightbreed), Nick Hopkinson (Lupine, The Realm) and Charley Perkins (Every New Dead Ghost) Arcane Winter is a thoroughly post-punk affair with big chugging guitars and forceful drums.

The first immediate comparison that comes to mind upon hearing the opening tracks ‘Invest In Death’ and ‘Bad Day At Gothic Rock’ is early Killing Joke as vocalist Piers channels the essence of Jaz Coleman as the band lets loose with a cacophony of driving guitars. Whereas darkly Dickensian ‘Christmas Day In The Workhouse’ and ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ have something of early years of The Damned, minus the schlock about their style.
The album’s mix sounds gritty and lo-fi in keeping with it’s early influences which does give it a classic sound but does throw up one or two niggling points. One of which is the guitars occasionally blend into each other too much and swamp the bass line. The other is that the vocals are sometimes too low in the mix and are overpowered by the heaviness of the riffs, though this is in part due to Piers’ somewhat reserved approach, which is a shame as it would be great to hear him really belt out some of those choruses.

This initial offering has a lot of potential with its witty lyrics, toe-tapping rhythms and memorable riffs the band have appropriated and then re-invented that classic formula for themselves. Hopefully this is just the beginning for Arcane Winter.



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