Interview: Dominion speaks to Orpheum before they Roar in Gravesend

By on 30 August 2012

The Really Red Roar festival is due to take place from Friday 31st August to Sunday 9th September. The line-up is mainly made up of metal, rock, punk, indie and acoustic acts but if you look close enough you will find more than one band waving the Dominion flag across this behemoth of a 10 day event.

This week Dominion speaks to these bands about Red Roar and what else we can expect from them in the near future.

Band details:

1) You are booked to appear at the Really Red Roar Festival which starts this Friday. What made you want to play such a festival, especially considering you are one of only a few Dominion style bands playing?

Well we had worked with the promoter before and knew that they booked really great bands, some of which we have played with in the past. We also liked the idea of playing such a huge scale event and thought that while our style may be a little different to the majority of bands, you never know where you might pick up some new fans or even change opinions of our genre of music. It never ceases to amaze us some of the people who come and say they like our music, even though they don’t tend to sway towards our style normally.

2) What can the Red Roar crowd expect from your 30 minutes on stage?

Would say that they can expect a fresh take on an array of genres all mixed up together. Some solid metal riffs, gothic atmosphere, drama and melancholy and some prog excursions keeping things interesting and mixing things up a bit. Not to mention an energetic show that will hopefully keep everyone entertained, all mixed up with the vocals of our main lady, Erin Johnson; who draws you into our world whenever we’re on stage.

3) Are there any bands on the bill you are looking forward to seeing?

Over the course of the festival we are looking forward to seeing some bands we have played with before, notably Training Icarus and The Furious Horde and some bands that we haven’t had the chance to see yet. A couple that come to mind right now would be Splintered Soul who we have heard really good things about and The Mariana Hollow, playing later in the week.

4) Tell us about some good and bad experiences of festivals you have played or just attended in the past.

To date festival experience as far as us playing is fairly limited, but that will hopefully change in the near future as there is an atmosphere there that cannot be rivalled. As far as festivals we have been to, so far we have all had pretty positive experiences. As mentioned before, it’s the atmosphere. There is nothing quite like being at a place where everyone shares the same love for the music that you do, a sort of joint experience of thousands of people. Not to mention meeting lots of people and old friends.

5) Imagine, it’s 5 years down the line and you are headlining your very own festival. Name some bands you would want to play that festival.

That’s a hard question. It would need to be about a week long to fit them all in but we would love to play the same festival with Gothminister, Draconian, Dream Theater, Rammstein, Combichrist, Within Temptation, Avantasia, Sisters Of Mercy, Theatre Des Vampires, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and so the list goes on. We would also love to play with some of the bands that we are playing with now, we’re fans too!


6) For those unable to attend Red Roar have you any other gigs booked in the next few months?

We have one of our biggest gigs coming up which we are thrilled to be playing, Roc(k)tober!! festival at the Watford Colosseum on Saturday 13th October 2012. We are opening the proceedings and it looks to be a great night with a brilliant lineup. Edguy, Hannibal, Jaded Heart, Spit Like This and Achilla. For more information you can go to but it’s a gig not to be missed.

Along with the Roc(k)tober!! festival, we are actually hosting our very own night at the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden on 30th November. It is a sort of ‘by the bands for the bands’ event which will feature all female fronted bands, which we’re really looking forward to. Bands playing on the bill are Trash Monroe, Control the Storm, and the amazing Training Icarus.

7) Have you been recording any new material? If so what can fans expect and when?

We are very excited to be in the process of planning our debut album; looking at a mid to late 2013 release, which will feature some tracks we have played live and others that are yet to come. The album will be fully produced and we’re sure will stand up there with other bands of a similar style. Fans should be expecting our usual mix of genres keeping you on an emotional rollercoaster throughout and keeping the same punch that we have done up until now. As always you can keep up to date with everything Orpheum are doing on our website

8) You have been raising your profile gradually over the past year or so. What other things have you got up your sleeves?

Well without giving too much away, we have been working on an improved stage show for our live gigs. Having ever increasing stage sizes to play with has allowed us to start to be able to realise we can put on a bigger and better show and bring in elements which were not possible on smaller stages. That being said we still put everything into our show whatever the stage size or constraints. We have our brand new merchandise line coming soon which will be up on our online store and available at shows and most importantly new material which will be seeping into shows as we go.

9) Where do you feel Orpheum fit in the musical world of 2012?

I don’t think we fit and never will fit in, but we are doing everything we can to carve out our own corner so to speak. We hope to spread like a disease and infect the music world whether they like us there or not, but as long as we are out there getting heard and getting positive feedback for what we do, then that gives us the drive to keep going and produce what we do. As we have always found we are the round piece that won’t fit in the square hole.

10) Anything else you like to tell your fans?

Well a cliche it may be but we really do appreciate all the fans that spend their money and come along to see us play, then take the time to come and talk to us afterwards and support us through social media sites and through the internet. It has been a massive boost to hear such great feedback and to see so many copies of our debut EP ‘Treason’ being sold at shows and over the internet. Hearing cheers from old fans and new ones after a song really is one of the best feelings and lets us know someone out there likes what we are doing.

Orpheum play Red Roar on Saturday 1st September.

Photos by Jade Scott

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