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By on 19 May 2011

By popular demand our intrepid explorer has delved into the dark recesses of television’s musical history and pulled out some delectable delights in anticipation of World Goth Day. Actually a lengthy search of You Tube was all it took to unearth some more videos of your favourite goth and goth-related bands on British TV.

Southern Death Cult, Killing Joke, The Mission and Danielle Dax all made their way onto Channel 4’s The Tube throughout the ’80s. While over on the BBC Riverside provided us with a Halloween special from the depths of The Batcave exposing TV audiences to Alien Sex Fiend and Specimen (who also made it onto Saturday morning kids show No. 73). Goth got it’s pale claws into a whole host of programmes, both mainstream and eclectic. Here are some of Dominion’s favourites.

The Tube:

The Tube certainly had its moments. The young Channel 4 picked up the contrived music show format and through a combination of charismatic presentation and decent booking made the show worth watching. The show attracted its fair share of acts from the top 40 such as Siouxsie And The Banshees, as well as those from the underground such as Southern Death Cult.

Southern Death Cult – The Fatman

Play Dead – Walk Away

The Danse Society – Heaven Is Waiting

Siouxsie And The Banshees – 92 degrees

The Mission – 1969


Killing Joke – Eighties


Danielle Dax – Hammerheads

Clint Ruin (AKA Foetus) – Descent Into The Inferno


BBC2’s Riverside, was a magazine show filmed at Riverside Studios, London. A few goth bands such as The Cure and Bauhaus graced it with their presence during its run. But it was the Batcave Special broadcast on Halloween (of course) 1983 which provides its best moments with Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen and Danielle Dax.

Batcave Special

Specimen – The Beauty Of Poison

Danielle Dax – Pariah

Sex Gang Children – Sebastian


Trawl the TV archives of the 1980s and you’ll no doubt find plenty more examples of interviews and guest spots on a huge cross-section of programmes. But for now we’ll stick with musical performances, though the Specimen clip from children’s Saturday morning show No. 73 features a bizarre scene with Gary Glitter.

Dead Or Alive – Flowers

Soft Cell & Clint Ruin – Ghost Rider (BBC 1983)

Specimen – Lovers / Sharp Teeth, Pretty Teeth (No. 73)

Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick (Top Of The Pops)

The Sisters Of Mercy – This Corrosion (Top Of The Pops)

The Cure – The Figurehead (The Oxford Road Show)

The Rose Of Avalanche – Always There (Northern Lights)

Dead Or Alive – Misty Circles (Razzmatazz)

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