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By on 21 September 2010


“into the sea, we’ll bleed”

Originally formed in the late 80’s, The Last Cry hail from the Brighton area of the UK’s south coast. Through several lineup changes up until the early 90’s, they forged their way on the Goth scene with their Nephilim/Cult-esque sound as one of the genre’s rising stars. And then, like my Counting the Mad, came the crash.

After nearly a decade of silence, the band re-emerged in 2002 with a rejigged lineup, and a honed and more precise sound. Original drummer Andrew Birch took over the frontman’s shoes, Tim Green exchanged his synths for a Les Paul guitar, with only bassist Chris Carey staying in position. Their brand of dark and atmospheric rock is by no means a dirge, and is easily accessible to anyone with an ear for decent music. Having caught them live recently, I can only describe their sound as ‘imagine what the result would be if the Cure and Depeche Mode were to collaborate’. Birch’s vocals are strong, clear and reminiscent of Gahan and Vanian at times, but the pure emotional turmoil of his lyrics and onstage persona give him the edge over most other performers in his genre. As a spectator to his torment, you can actually feel this man’s pain.

Being a three piece band, The Last Cry are by no means backed my a mere ‘boom boom-kah’ drum track. Their carefully crafted backing machine consists of realistic rhythms, noirish keyboards, and a few vocal harmonies. Being as Birch and Green had previous experience on drums and keys respectively, this has given the band the authenticity of having ‘live’ players on the backing.

If you get a chance to see them play live, don’t miss it! Their debut album “Walking to the Edge” is available online, and is worth every penny. Tracks I recommend are, “Cross of Hope”, “Rebekka”, and the magnificently anthemic “Out of the Sky”. The Last Cry are a band that prove that Goth isn’t dead, it just might have a new nephew on the block. – official site – official archive site

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