ULVER & VIRUS @ Koko, Camden

By on 23 March 2011

It’s the event people have been waiting months for. The night of March 22nd 2011 has fallen and ULVER are due to play the UK for the first time in over a year, along with VIRUS who have never played live before. Koko in Camden is the lucky venue hosting this feast of musical brilliance.

Support is provided by ZWEIZZ. There is not much to be said for a man shouting into a toilet. Just plain weird.

VIRUS provide a stunning performance. Their music is complex avant-gard jazz rock with vocals akin to DEATH IN JUNE or SISTERS OF MERCY. They play an hour long set and are simply tremendous considering this is their first live show. ‘Road’ is well received by the crowd and vocalist, Czral, accepts all applause rather modestly.

At 9:30pm ULVER make an appearance. Vocalist, GARM, warns crowd members that they will not recognise any of the material that is being played, as it is all new. They proceed to play forthcoming album ‘War of the Roses’ in its entirety. They are flawless, aside from one minor hitch when Garm forgets a line of a song, but it is quickly remedied and they carry on. The background visuals for the set are hypnotic and they are kind enough to return to the stage for an encore of ‘Hallways of Always’. Absolutely incredible.

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