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As an Intern at Terrrorizer, I was innocently minding my own business when – with deadly accuracy – A pile of CD’s was hurled halfway towards the office, heading straight for me. After I got back up, massaging my head, I decided that being the kind soul I am, I may as well review them… so here they are.


‘6th Airborne devision – Special edition DVD’

Empires come and empires go, not that anyone’s told Imperial Vengeance. The war-obsessed extreme metallers are just as militant in reliving the glory of the empire as they are in their appearance. It’s no surprise then that their latest release, a special edition DVD, is filled to the brim with British iconography – not to mention a barrage of intense war-torn metal.  Two devastatingly brutal tracks are included, the title track ‘6th Airborne Division’ is an anthem of the imperial era, perfectly reflecting the torment and passion of the first world war; whilst ‘Night Boat To Cairo’ provides us with a more refined insight into the world of the imperial officers. However, we are not allowed to forget the sacrifice and devotion of the soldiers as the DVD concludes with a tear-jerking recital from Harry Patch – the last Tommy. May all the soldiers who gave their lives rest in peace, safe in the knowledge that, at the setting of the sun, Imperial Vengeance remembers them.

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‘Frozen Storm Apocalypse’


Wintersoul’s chilling new album ‘Frozen Storm Apocalypse,” gets off to an eerie start, the instrumental first track beginning merely with the sound of the wind; the feel of winter is obviously at the forefront of the band’s mind. However, it feels like something is missing. The first track builds up to a climax which never arrives. Whilst not a bad album, ‘Frozen Storm Apocalypse’ does little to break the mould. Besides a haunting female vocal line, which lends the album its wintery feel, the tracks are repetitive and generic. Whilst the guitar line is fast paced and, to a degree, exciting, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Lackluster scream vocals fail to deliver the “misaligned beauty” that was promised. All in all, Wintersoul do an adequate job of presenting the mystic allure of winter, but they don’t do enough to capture their listeners, who are left wanting much more than what they receive in this mediocre album

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Supergroups don’t come much better than this one so, when the new album from Hellyeah was announced, nothing but sheer intensity was expected. There are definitely no disappointments in that department either. ‘Stampede’ is one gut-wrenching, riff-lashed anthem after another. The unique, maniacally fast-paced brand of heavy metal Hellyeah deliver bombards the senses, and just as the ears start bleeding and you can’t take any more,  the chilled melody of ‘Hell Of A Time’ soothes the listener into a false sense of security – ready for the sonic explosion of title track ‘Stampede’ to blow their mind. This is an album that can’t be merely listened to, it must be felt in the tapping of feet and the banging of heads; there’s not a metalhead on the planet who could remain still whilst listening to this heavy metal masterpiece. Based on this album alone, Hellyeah truly live up to the term supergroup.

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With a name like ‘Crosscore,’ one would expect The Way Of Purity’s latest effort to be an innovative fusion of themes and genres. However, the end result seems more confused than it does inventive. Aspects of deathcore and grind amongst others lead to a sound which is patchy at best. ‘Sinner,’ a track midway through the album, is a stunning example of inconsistency as synths kick in seemingly of their own accord. This is followed up with a random, apathetic female chant in the following track ‘Egoist,’ adding to the mismatched concoction which TWOP mistakenly brand as individuality. The wild variation from song to song alienates the listener, making it impossible for even the most imaginative fan to draw any purpose from the music. The band claim to be “A real and concrete message,” but they fail to deliver any kind of message, instead presenting a mish-mash of generic themes, which fail to capture the interest of the listener.

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