Beneath – Hollow Empty Void

By on 10 May 2010

Now when the geologists realised Eyjafjallajökull was going to release mayhem, they didnt clock that Beneath had caused a volcanic eruption with their latest EP ‘Hollow Empty Void’, the brutality of the drumming is challenged by the pyroclastic flow, only difference is that the drumming is far more brutal and the vocals surpass a magnitude of 10 on the richter scale, but not forgetting that it was released back in February, a precursor to the eruption? Death metal for all times sake, can only be done truly by Scandinavians albeit Cannibal Corpse. With that in mind, this EP is for fans of CC, Unleashed and death metal all around. Watch Iceland closely, its eruption’s will become more and more violent as ‘Beneath’ lies the ‘Hollow Empty Void’ known as, the core.


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